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October 20-2006  
  Till november 7-2006 we have guided a group of 15 english tourist in a fantastic... More  
November 30 - 2006  
  Till december 6 - 2006 we have arranged a VIP special expedition with 15 vehicles
for some ...
Photo Gallerie
Photo Gallerie
Marzouk Desert Cruiser
is a specialized Company in the Organization of adventure and safari desert tours in the entire Egyptian desert, it has started
since 1988 in the Sinai Peninsula and by the end of 1990 our .... More

About Egyptian Desert
  Egypt's geological history has produced four major physical regions: The first is the Nile Valley and Delta, which is the most important region because it supports 99% of the population on the country's only cultivable land and it is representing around 4%of the total Egyptian land area .... More
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