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October 20-2006  
  Till november 7-2006 we have guided a group of 15 english tourist in a fantastic... More  
November 30 - 2006  
  Till december 6 - 2006 we have arranged a VIP special expedition with 15 vehicles
for some ...
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Photo Gallerie
Mr. Marzouk  
  Our vehicles: Toyota Land Cruiser:
After the long experience in the desert safaris we
have confirmed that the Toyota Land Cruiser is the best 4WD vehicles in the desert. In old times we
used Old models of Toyota land cruiser like 1976 & 1985 for transportation, but now they are used only for transporting the equipments

We use mainly for transportation now the Toyota Land Cruiser GX and G model 2006 with A/C and Front view seats.
Toyota Land Cruiser:
Our Equipments:
We support our groups with Tents in different
sizes, mattresses, sleeping bags and in big groups there is usually a big tent extended between the cars as a sitting place and small tents for sleeping.

We use also British and American maps, satellite images, GPS receiver as well as old navigation by using the experience in the desert and the sun directions or compass. Satellite phone and comprehensive first aid kit are always with our
Our Equipments:
Our Food menus:
We serve our groups meals in the desert as follows:

Continental Breakfast:
Cheese, jam, honey, oriental desserts (Halawa), eggs, tea and coffee.

Picnic Lunch:
Tuna salad, cheese with tomatoes, corned beef
and canned food.

Hot meal Dinner:
rice or macaroni, hot fresh vegetables, meat or chicken and other Egyptian oriental food.
Our Food menus:
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