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October 20-2006  
  Till november 7-2006 we have guided a group of 15 english tourist in a fantastic... More  
November 30 - 2006  
  Till december 6 - 2006 we have arranged a VIP special expedition with 15 vehicles
for some ...
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Mr. Marzouk  
Marzouk Desert Cruiser
is a specialized Company in the Organization of adventure and safari desert tours in the entire Egyptian desert, it has started
since 1988 in the Sinai Peninsula and by the end of 1990 our experience
expanded in the entire Egyptian desert. We have professionally organized hundreds of trips to Sinai, Eastern desert and the western desert and
a number of expeditions in the region of Gilf kebir and the great sand sea.

We have been also performing different desert programs for a big number of international travel agents from e.g. Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy,
England, Belgium and Spain.

The Crew:
Consists of a very well experienced Guides and drivers some of them are from
a Bedouin origin so they are part of the desert environment & even the non Bedouins have been nearly brought up and lived in the desert, in a simple word
the desert is a home for them.

The Management:
Mohamed Marzouk Gaballa founded M.D.C., he was born in Cairo in 1949,
studied and lived in Cairo but he was charmed by the beauty of the desert
and its calmness that helps to free up the mind and meditate.
Since then his favorite place on earth is the desert.
In 1993 the Australian TV. In the cooperation with
SBS production have made a documentary about Mohamed Marzouk to show that he is the best desert guide Egypt can offer. He participated also in the organizing of Rally of Pharaohs that used to be held
in Egypt, as well as helping in the making of the
Route Book of the Paris - Dakar rally 2003 that
passed through the Egyptian land and ended in
Sharm El Sheikh.
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